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The Power of Pleasure

Isn’t it interesting when you pay attention to chewing your food and notice how you feel after eating? Have you noticed what things might be driving your sensation of hunger? Could it be dehydration, the carb craving food cycle, or an emotional impulse or feelings of loneliness? Or did you start exercising and you feel more hungry?

This habit of conscious awareness is the best step towards developing lasting habit change. Without it, you will keep reverting back to old, familiar and comforting behaviors, which is what we do when the going gets uncomfortable. (My Dad the Marine always said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” Thanks Fred!!)

Today, let’s revisit what you determined in the first week: What is it that you would truly LOVE?!? Are you still on track to meet your goal in 90 days? (60 days from now). Has your dream shifted in any way?

In order to continue to build on the clarity of your dream and to stay motivated when you hit bumps in the road, (which you will) we focusing on pleasure. Pleasure drives habits loops. (Check out these two books, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg or Atomic Habits by James Clear). The intention is to match pleasure with the development of a positive, life changing habits, and to bust the old habits that keeps your stuck. Up until now.

There is a lot that goes into the Mental Rehearsal exercise, so let’s just do this:

1. Imagine you are the best version of you that began this journey a few months ago. Picture it. Feel it. Embrace it. (Get more clarity and journal it!)

2. Seek out or improve upon an existing movement/exercise that gives you pleasure. And at first, it may be that the pleasure is the relief of being finished!! Do something that makes you laugh and also feels like an accomplishment.

So what is your movement??

This post is the 4th in the series I started on Instagram. It takes you through the Health and Wellness Coaching experience week by week. Find earlier posts in my Food for Thought Series on Instagram @fullsunwellness. To learn more about this 1:1 90 day program and other courses, please reach out through the website, on Instagram or FaceBook Messenger.

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