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How Fitness Heals

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

I am one who firmly believes that Fitness Makes Everything Better!  The list of the benefits of exercise is long and the science has become conclusive over the years.  Through this space I will share with you information that will educate, energize and inspire you to embrace a fitness lifestyle and mentality, for a long, active and healthy life!

So when I say “Fitness Heals”, it is demonstrated through the gift of time that you dedicate to yourself, making you and your health a priority.  It is the practice of self-love, self-respect and self-acceptance, and the commitment to an activity that you enjoy, that enhances the health of the body and mind.  You have probably heard the flight crew on an airplane go through the safety briefing before takeoff. “Place the oxygen mask on yourself before assisting others.”  To me, exercise has the same meaning.  When you make taking care of yourself a priority, those around you will also benefit from the many ways in which your exercise makes you stronger and happier.

The other important element to “Fitness as Healing” is when you choose a purposeful activity that you really enjoy.  Just as you love yourself, choose an activity that really excites you and energizes you!  Why do something that you feel you should do or even dread.  Rather than have the attitude of burden, ans in, “I have to…”, when you can choose a mindset that shouts “I GET to…!!!”  When you are enjoying the process of exercise, you pour joy into every cell in your body.  What you think is what your body feels.  Angst or joy?  You have a choice.

I have worked with hundreds of people over the past 14 years as a personal trainer and coach.  Every body is different and we all respond to the stress of exercise differently.  Some of the other factors that determine the rate at which exercise and diet affect changes in the shape and health of the body are stress, hormones, medications and chronic illnesses.  I believe that a healthy mindset is the best place to begin the journey.  So throughout this space I will share with you what I have learned form being an athlete myself, and what my clients and I have discovered through their health journeys.  To me, everyone is a Champion!!

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