Patricia Ellins -      

Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Ambassador & Thai Massage Practitioner



Patricia is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist who received her certifications through the International Sports Sciences Association.  She has been a fitness and wellness entrepreneur for 15 years.  Her lifestyle reflects her passion for health as she has participated in marathons and Figure competitions.  She enjoys working with individuals in all sports-related activities, with a focus on strength training, running, biking, golf, tennis and yoga. 


 Patricia has created a niche with Boomers because she believes that age does not define a person.  She designs programs to ensure strength, fitness, balance, range of motion, while encouraging a “Champions” attitude.  Patricia’s approach is to strengthen the entire being. 


As a Wellness Ambassador, Patricia speaks about fitness, healthy living and stress awareness.  Patricia’s fitness experience combined with her skills as a Thai Massage Practitioner make for a unique blend in the fitness industry.  When she isn’t working or moving her own body, she is in the kitchen cooking.


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