Patricia Ellins -      

Certified Personal Trainer,  Health Coach, Speaker & Thai Massage Practitioner


Patricia is a Whole Life Coach and Leader in the Health and Fitness Industry, with over 20 years of fitness and coaching experience.   Her 90 day coaching programs help women in their 40's, 50's and beyond, have more energy, improve strength, balance hormones, improve posture, sleep, confidence, and so much more.  Her motto is, "Fitness Makes Everything Better!" and her approach is to strengthen the whole being.


Patricia also designs Health & Life seminars for corporations.  These interactive workshops explore wellness topics such as stress, fitness, eating for health, with guidance to adopt new habits for a healthy life.


Her fitness experience combined with her skills as a Thai Massage Practitioner make for a unique blend in the fitness industry. When she isn’t "playing hard" and moving her own body, she is in the kitchen cooking.


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